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Miracle Morning – A month of affirmations

I am working with a great group of people in the Boho Berry Tribe on facebook.

Part of that miracle morning is planning out affirmations to help me start each day. I thought it would be helpful for me to plan these out ahead of time so I can save a bit of tine on the planning each day and get right to the miracle-making.

I’ve created a few simple affirmations for each day of the 30-Day Challenge. Feel free to create your own, use these, or find ones that speak to you. But I encourage you to find positive affirmations. If you are concerned with distraction or procrastination, make your affirmation about focus and completion of tasks.

So here’s my collection of affirmations for the 30 days of June.

  1. I exhale timidness, and inhale confidence.

  2. My first thoughts of the day are of gratitude.

  3. Gratitude seeks gratitude, the more you feel the more you see to be grateful for.

  4. All around me, I see the blessings I already have.

  5. Setbacks can not keep me from my goals.

  6. I have support in my life from people who believe I can succeed.

  1. I am enough.

  2. I will act with efficiency and focus on all of my tasks.

  3. I will speak clearly and firmly about my needs.

  4. I will set aside time for the projects that bring me joy.

  5. I will complete the tasks set before me, now.

  6. I am setting a clear, defined path to my goals.

  7. I can do more today than I did yesterday.

  8. Each day is a step closer to the life of my dreams.

  9. Moderation each day is the key to lifelong change.

  10. I design the response to challenges in my life.

  11. I care enough about myself to ask for help when needed.

  12. I will see sunshine in each thunderstorm.

  1.  I am flexible and able to change behaviors to improve my experiences.

  2. My future is created in my current choices, they can always change.

  3. I choose to surround myself with people who want to grow with me.

  4. I have gifts unique to me that can help those I care about.

  5. I am inspired to work towards my life’s purpose.

  6. Joy is contagious, I see it in others and they see it in me.

  7. I am willing to work towards being the best version of myself.

  8. Thoughts change actions, which change lives.

  9. My respect for others is reflected in how I speak to and of them.

  10. I can let myself fall to I can rise up again stronger.

  11. I am not alone.

  12. I will surround myself with inspiration.

  13. I must shine as brightly as I am able, and join with all of the other lights around me.


I hope that this gives you an idea where to start with daily affirmations and helps give you some inspiration to give yourself positivity each day to begin the morning with gratitude and self care.

❤ Traci aka. mythicalmagpie

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