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Little Brighid


Little Brighid: A UPG introduction to Brighid for children

The Daghda was a mighty warrior. King to a people known as the Tuatha de Danann. He was wide and strong, carrying a heavy magical club that could harm his enemies, or bring life to the fallen. He was never hungry, because he had a magical cauldron that was always full of food no matter how much he ate.

But he was grumpy.

He was full of wisdom and creativity. But as the king and leader of his people, he never had time to spend on creating beautiful things for fun. He was too busy!

He had all these ideas and he needed to get them out! (Have you ever been full of ideas you wanted to get out?)

And so, his daughter came to be. A daughter he named Brighid.

And through her, Daghda’s creativity was given form. When she was a little girl, she loved listening to stories and poetry her father would tell her by the warm fires of wintertime.

With her father, she learned many of his favored trades, She learned how to be careful around the fire used to make weapons and tools, she learned to tend to the animals, and practice music and poetry.

But her very favorite time was when her father brought out his magic harp that turned the seasons. It made summer into fall, then winter and then spring to start all over again. He brought with it the Spring that came between the cold of winter and heat of summer.

When Spring came, she helped care for her favorite baby animals, the sweet calves she would sing to and the ewes that she would help feed from their mother’s milk.

So each winter, we look forward to the time that Brigid sings to the cows and helps the baby sheep be born. She inspires us when the snow melts to be creative, to help out our family and friends, and sing and be happy!

Let’s be happy with Brighid today as Spring comes to us!

Happy Imbolc!

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