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How to make great digital images for free for your blog, social media campaign or Facebook/Instagram

For a long time, I had a blog through blogger and I wondered what the difference was between my blog and the professional looking blogs I had been following and loved. Really, it seemed that my blog lacked polish. These other bloggers had what looked like extensive photography skills and an incredible eye for composition.


Photo source: Pexels, edited via BeFunky in a matter of minutes.

I have a wonderful Nikkon that takes amazing photos, but I don’t always have what I need to take just the perfect pictures. Frankly, I spend most of my time cleaning spills and trying to wipe noses. So the idea of having the time to gather the right props or find just the perfect locale for a sunset silhouette photo shoot is laughable.

When I came upon a couple of other bloggers who shared some of their secrets, I was thrilled to find some amazing resources and added some to my immediate list of favorites when I need to create just the right picture for a post.

Sources for free, stock photos with no subscriptions:

  1. – This has become my go-to for attribution-free images of general family and home life images.

  2. – This site has incredibly beautiful high quality artistic photos. When I’m looking for something like an artistic landscape or something really inspiring, I come here.

  3. Wikimedia Commons – Better used for actual photography of specific items or locations for travel/history type posts.

But for web marketing, blogs or social media campaigns, a pretty image is only part of the equation. Adding your brand, or a catchphrase can help keep your images on-brand with your messages.

Finding a cheap or free way to do that online can make the rest of the image creation process a breeze. Once you’ve found the the right image, then you save it and upload it to add the sparks of personalization.

Free photo editing online

  1. Picmonkey – You will be asked to sign up but you can edit an image and save it without getting the premium services. There are some premium filters, fonts and the like, but there are many options for free.

  2. BeFunky – Free online web editor (Requires Flash) with no login required to get started.

With the perfect image and your own logo, branding or message, you can take your posts and inject them with a visual component to make them even more memorable!

Let me know which sites you love, and if you found these to be helpful!



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